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Transport Operator Competence
Expertise in transportation company and useful activities!
Transport Operators Competence
TOC material to support the daily operations of the transport company!

The knowledge of a transport operator today

Maintaining and developing a transport operators own know-how has a direct impact on the company’s business and financial profitability. The operation of today’s transportation company requires the expertise and management of many areas, from maintaining the economy to refurbishing the fleet. The skills of transport companies are also measured in situations where the growth of a company presents new challenges or when it is desired to increase business activity from domestic to international operations. 

The aim of our Transport Operators Competence project, which is aimed at increasing the knowledge of a transport company, is to produce training packages in various areas that can be utilized in the workplace. We will achieve this by first identifying the skills needed by operators in practical work. By analyzing this information, we can define a map of expertise for the needs of transport companies. The Knowledge Map, on the other hand, is the basis for the necessary (further) training to support the day-to-day operations of the company.

The project will be implemented through international co-operation, which will provide a unified view of the need for knowledge, and we can also make joint recommendations on the content of the training. The project results are also available throughout Europe.