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The group of partners completed the first phase of work

The group of partners completed the first phase of work: they have been working on legislation and comparison of national practices in the transport sector. Furthermore, they analysed the current state of transport companies competences, highlighting the need for new competences to be developed for transport operators.

As a result the partners have created a “European Transport Operators unified Competence Map” listing the areas of knowledge, skills and competences that transport operators need in their daily work. The competence map contains 10 main competence areas useful for the transport sector and the related training programmes for European transport operators.


The areas included are the following:

  • Civil law
  • Commercial law
  • Social law
  • Fiscal law
  • Business and financial management of the undertaking
  • Access to the market
  • Technical standards and technical aspects of operation
  • Road safety and contingency planning
  • Environmental aspects
  • Digital technologies

All the above areas have been developed in modules and units of learning outcomes, which are defined in terms of related knowledge, skills and competences. The competence map will be the basis for the next phases of development of the training material.