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Partners and contacts

Työtehoseura ry, coordinator, (FINLAND)

TTS Työtehoseura which is a training, development and research institute. It was established in 1924 and operates in several localities all over in Finland. TTS is a non-profit-making registered association. TTS Työtehoseura membership includes private individuals, associations and companies. TTS Työtehoseura’s staff is 160 persons and the annual turnover 20 M€.

TTS Työtehoseura activities are financed through proceeds from training services, research and development projects and publications, membership fees and government appropriations. TTS Työtehoseura is supervised by the National Board of Education and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. TTS Työtehoseura organizes initial training for young and adult students, vocational training, apprenticeship training and personnel training. TTS Työtehoseura provides training services, research and development mainly in the following fields: transportation, logistics, automobile engineering and productivity. TTS is the biggest initial and vocational training institute for heavy vehicle drivers in Finland.

TTS Työtehoseura has worked in several international projects including EU financed projects. The projects have concerned transport personal development, simulator use in developing training solutions and Smart Mobility, development of Smart Mobility solutions and their affects to drivers’ work, training of heavy vehicle drivers and all kinds of vehicle mechanics.

TTS Työtehoseura is a training organization in the transport and warehousing sections. We train different kind of drivers (light commercial vehicles, lorry, truck, bus and taxi drivers), warehouse workers and supervisors for drivers and warehouseworkers. TTS Työtehoseura has a good experience to develop these training and at the moment we are a leading partner in Finland. The Ministery of Education has invited TTS Työtehoseura to be a part of a small group, which aims to develop supervisor training for transportation and VET for logistics.

Työtehoseura ry
Pirita Niemi
Development Manager

Mag. Prenner & Partner GmbH – COSGROUP (AUSTRIA)

Mag. Prenner & Partner GmbH – COSGROUP – is an SME, located in Baden/Lower Austria. The company has developed since 1998 from a local training institute to an international group with participations in Poland and in Bulgaria. While its core business is still logistic training, the activities in consultancy services are constantly growing. In particular with reference to driver trainings and consultancy services in this field, COSGROUP has gained considerable experience in all relevant matters referring to requirements for drivers being stipulated in EU directive 2003/59. We train more than 4000 driver (cars, LCV and HCV)s. Based on this experience with drivers. COSGROUP had been one of the first Austrian companies starting with C95-trainings from 2008 onwards. In addition to driver training, COS also offers training in logistics management. Here the topics range from dispatchers to the managing directors of transport companies.  For 5 years, many training modules have also been offered on the basis of elearning. COSGROUP is ISO 29900 certificated.

Mag. Prenner & Partner GmbH – COSGROUP
Helmut Prenner


PONS SEGURIDAD VIAL was established 70 years ago and now is a leading company in Spain in strategic public and private consulting in matters of responsible mobility and road safety with a strong presence in Latin America as well as in the United States and Europe. We also provide international services in education and road safety in the business environment as well as in published form and road training.

PONS SEGURIDAD VIAL accompanies governments, public and private entities in the implementation of all strategic areas of road safety and mobility. We export the Spanish success model: 5th in the world ranking.

We promote mobility in all its forms; responsible mobility encouraged by companies, as this is the most effective way of achieving our goal. Companies are made up of workers who need to travel to their work places. Organization-led action relating to mobility is particularly effective, through worker training, the prevention of road-related occupational risks and certificates that prove a company’s commitment to society, such as UNE-ISO 39001, etc. PONS Seguridad Vial has the ISO 39001 certification, this fact places it as the first company in its sector and fourth in all of Spain to obtain this certification.

In the last years, PONS Seguridad Vial is leading an ambitious internationalization program in the field of road safety consultancy. Consequently, PONS is considered as a leading company in the sector, in strategic and private management in terms of responsible mobility and road safety.

At Pons Seguridad Vial we have unique know-how in the public management of road safety and the development of results-focused policies. We have broad experience in working with public administrations and we are committed to helping governments and administrations reduce accident rates.

This change has been possible with the work of a multidisciplinary professional team lead by Ramón Ledesma – Deputy Director of the National department of Traffic of Spain (DGT)-; with extensive experience, from both: the public and the private sector s, and recognized by the World Bank (WB), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF).

Ana Gomez Arche

IPS - Institute for Postgraduate Studies – Division at the University of National and World Economy (BULGARIA)

The Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) operates as a division at the largest Bulgarian university – University of National and World Economy with more than 20 thousand students. It provides vocational education and training and life-long learning since 1970. Now IPS at UNWE is a leader in postgraduate studies in the areas of business, management and law and offers training services to Bulgarian and foreign citizens who have already acquired diploma for high and/or higher education. It is a certified institution under ISO 9001:2015, holding a certificate for quality management system covering the fields of postgraduate training, project management and consulting. IPS qualification diploma is recognized and approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

IPS works with top and middle level managers in private and public sectors, entrepreneurs, public administration officers, teachers, experts who strive for professional careers in different social sectors as well as individual trainees. IPS builds a stable basis for life-long career for its course participants and solves problems of its customers in an uncertain world.

IPS at UNWE is focused on the organisation of trainings meeting practical needs of its customers, development and implementation of international projects, consulting services on educational policies and practices and elaboration of strategic documents, concerning education and training. Among the major objectives of the IPS is the improvement of the prospects of the trainees on the labour market (many of which are young people under 29 years of age), thus helping to prevent and reduce youth unemployment.

The priorities of the Institute include improvement of employee skills and knowledge, adaptable to the changing environment, contributing to competitiveness and sustainability through the creation of flexible and effective environment of the training and learning processes. The individual approach to the Institute’s customers allows for the establishment of a direct relationship between research, teaching and training, managed as projects.

IPS has participated in 40 international projects under ERASMUS+, LLP, World Bank and other programmes, and over 60 local consulting and training projects. The scope of project activities includes VET, capacity building for SMEs, organizational restructuring and internationalization.

Ivan Stoychev

COS Polska Sp. z o.o. (POLAND)

C.O.S. – Polen Roberrt Rudnik: Since 2002, the company has been organising and conducting training courses and advising on the management of the company and employees. It has experience and competence in the field of business consulting for various industries and the development of employee competence. Her clients include both public and private companies of various industries, as well as private individuals. The starting point for the implementation of individual projects for us is the need of the client. Each time we adapt our methodology to the specificity of the project. The needs of our clients awaken in us the initiative to create innovative and practical solutions.

COS Polska Sp. z o.o.
Robert Rudnik

Training 2000 psc (ITALY)

TRAINING 2000 is an adult education and training organisation certified in the Marche Region for regional training ( VET), with experience in education and training in different sectors. At EU level, Training 2000 is involved in research and development of new methodologies in training (e-learning) applied within the LLP and ERASMUS+ programs. Since 1992, TRAINING 2000 has been involved in a great number of international projects, with partners from most European countries in which it has covered the areas of training of trainers, migrants integration, cultural risks at work and cultural awareness, training of YOUTH and seniors, apprenticeship for youngest and work based learning in companies, EQF and ECVET/ECTS – validation of competences. Training 2000 promotes continuous training in the Marche region, for people

  1. undergoing apprenticeship program in the sectors : mechanical , multimedia and graphics, services ( transport, logistics, accounting, social services), environmental protection, business start-up
  2. employed people, unemployed and YOUTH drop outs from public school system and registered in the local JOB centres
  3. Professionals in the domain of environmental sustainability, fine mechanics and automation, ICT and social media, community development.


Training 2000 is part of a National network of Associations of Industries and SMEs ( C.N.A. of Pesaro and Urbino – 6000 SME members including fine mechanics), CARITAS ( integration of migrants and disadvantaged people), ANFOP consortium of training providers, the Chamber of Commerce of Pesaro, Ministry of Education and Labour. Co-founder of the international Networks for Quality Course Organisers “GINCO” and International Innovative apprenticeship “INAP” –

Training 2000 psc
Kylene De Angelis

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is one of the nine Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences. Founded in 1997 under federal law, SUPSI offers Bachelor and Master Degree courses, and provides a number of continuing education courses.

Considerable attention is given to research, conducted in key sectors by means of European and National projects. In particular the Information Systems and Networking Institute (ISIN) of the Department of Innovative Technologies is active in different areas such as e-learning, web technologies, networking, security and information systems. The large number of applied research projects allows SUPSI to contribute directly to the economic and social development of the region.